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Individual advice

ET blue chip manufactures high-quality leather goods based on customer requirements. According to the different industrial sectors, we manufacture individual products for our customers.

We take over the entire process.
From the development of the product in our in-house graphic and design department in collaboration with the customer, through prototyping, production and delivery.


With the help of our purchasing network,we can organize the procurement of all necessary materials such as leather,
Fittings, etc. for the production of your leather goods.

quality lable Made in Germany

In the years since our company was founded, we have built up a complex purchasing network with predominantly german & italian suppliers.


We can guaranted the quality lable Made in Germany because we use the national leather, fitting, lining and reinforcement material which are special for leather goods production with the combination that we make the important production steps in Germany.

customized flexibility

In addition to the production facility in Lutherstadt Eisleben, we also have a company-owned production in Slovakia.


The production with about 35 employees composes the components of the products, which are delivered from Germany. The final completion of the product as well as a comprehensive quality control takes back in Germany again and round off the professional production of your specific products.

versatile performance profile -full production

Our product range include:

 - briefcase
 - fashionable handbags
 - writing folders
 - purses
 - travel luggage
 - writing pads
 - pen pouches
 - other small leather goods and gifts

Furthermore, our technologists and sample makers, 

specialized in large or small parts,
can produce prototypes and small batches according to predefined drawings, photographs, provided reference articles, but also after a briefing.

The more precise the requirements then better the result of the prototype in the short term.

versatile performance profile -partial production

We can also help you with your project and help you with a partial production.

  • cutting or punching

      - leather
      - lining
      - reinforcing materials
      - all surface materials by arrangement

  • wewing works:

       - sewing of leather or fabric blends

  • embossing:

       - embossing of blanks or finished products

  • Packing:

    - compilation of your goods as well as packaging

      and shipping

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