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Manager Heidrun Fröhlich

Heidrun Fröhlich is the founder and CEO of ET blue chip GmbH. Her main task is accounting.

Manager Stefanie Reinboth

Stefanie Reinboth is also the founder and CEO of ET blue chip GmbH. Her main task is the technological development and monitoring of production.

Manager Tina Reinboth

Tina Reinboth is also CEO of ET blue chip GmbH and lead the company into the next generation.
Her main field of activity is also the area of technological advancement and monitoring of production.
In addition, she is planing the company's strategic orientation for the future.

Marcus Breitschuh

Marcus Breitschuh has been with the company for 13 years. Mr. breitschuh is responsible for the quality management.

Dina Fröhlich

Dina Fröhlich has been with the company for 13 years and lead the company into the next generation Mrs. Fröhlich is responsible for purchase management.

Marcel Schubert

Marcel Schubert has been with the company for 13 years. Mr. Schubert is responsible for technological production monitoring.

Sascha Kellner

Sascha Kellner has completed his education in the company and has been at ET for 7 years. He is responsible for design and media design.

Steffen Lindner

Steffen Lindner has completed his BA degree in the company and has been in charge of sales and customer support for 13 years.

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